Chamonix summer house, all-inclusive package


Summer house with a flat roof

Wall thickness: 28mm, Wood type: untreated, planed spruce, Dimensions 290 x 260 cm, Canopy dimensions: 270 cm, Base dimensions: 270 x 240 cm, Ridge height approx. 228 cm, Glass: single-pane glass, Door type: double door

Also included in the all-inclusive package:

Roofing felt (1 package), Plastic base beams with drainage edge (4 packages), 1 x starter set 1 (with storm anchor set, 2 x ventilation grids, nails and screws), Wooden floor 18 mm (4 packages), 1 x bitumen kit, 1 x glazing sealant, bitumen kit for roof shingles

Delivery time: 14-21 weeks