DELUXE line garden sauna, spruce, OVAL, veranda, 240 x 405 cm without stove


Garden sauna – features

Wood type: garden sauna, spruce (natural, untreated or painted); Suitable for wood and electric stoves (Stove not included); Roof liding: bitumen shingles; Dimensions: Depth 240 cm x Width 405 cm; Wall thickness, side walls: 40–42 mm, Front, back and partition walls: approx. 28 mm

  • Self-assembly with detailed instructions in English (Available pre-assembled upon request)
  • 3 stainless-steel clamping rings to adjust and re-tighten the block planks; sturdy substructure for safe standing; 1 x wooden door, 1x glass door with window made of tempered safety glass; wide, high-quality benches and flooring
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