Length: 170 cm with space for 2 people

Wooden Lid

Matched to your hot tub’s wood type and colour. Split into two halves, so easy for one person to remove.

Floor/Heat Insulation

Floor plate with an insulation layer to improve insulation with cold floors

LED Lighting

3 LED lights with a colour-change function.


Larch is especially tough and resistant to adverse weather, and also has a very pleasant smell (owing to its high resin content). Larch is also more acid-proof than other wood types. Fungi and insects have a tough time with this wood, which is very water-resistant even without being treated.

Decorative rings

2 stainless-steel rings for a rustic tub look

Ergonomic Fibreglass Tub

Our plastic tub with reinforced fibreglass has been specially adapted to provide ample seating as well as space for the built-in stove. The tubs have an ergonomic shape so you can feel good on longer bathing sessions too.


Filter coarse dirt out of your hot tub with this practical clip-on filter including a power connector. Water is sucked through the filter from the top.

316 wood stove (V4A)

The stainless-steel 316 wood stove (4VA) is also chlorine- and saltwater-resistant.

Sand Filter with Matching Wooden Box

With a sand filter you can avoid having to change the water regularly by effectively filtering dirt out of your tank. Combined with an optional UV filter you can enjoy clean water without changing it for up to three months, depending on the amount of dirt.Electricity consumption: 400 watts. Of course, a matching box is also included – produced to match the material and colour of your hot tub.

Always Included

316 stainless-steel stove (rustproof), 2m funnel with 1m protective plate and rain cap made of stainless steel, connections prepared for filtering system, round wooden steps, drink shelf made of wood, and ball valve to fill and empty the hot tub. You get a thermometer as a gift with every hot tub ordered.